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A bit about us...


The Crewroom brand was born in Putney and was started by former elite rower, Kate Giles.


Having spent nearly 10 years in a performance training programme and having competed at a high level in her sport, Kate retired but never retired her love of the outdoors and keeping fit.


This inspired her to start Crewroom which began life as a juice bar with a tiny kit shop in the basement located on the Lower Richmond Road. ‘The Crewroom’ proved to be a popular hangout for the local rowing community and, apart from serving amazing fruit waffles, Crewroom became known for quality kit and the business began to grow.


Today, we produce our own range of sportswear using the best performance fabrics available and considered designs for the outdoor market. We proudly employ talent from the London College of Fashion along with former elite athletes.


A background in excellence is still key to the foundation of Crewroom but we all have one thing in common – we no longer want to be timed, have our fat percentage measured or our diet analysed. We simply want to get outdoors, enjoy the elements and stay fit.

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Enjoy the elements