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Vapour-X using Bamboo Charcoal Technology

Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable resource which grows naturally in a managed environment. The bamboo is carbonised into charcoal particles which are blended with polyester to form the unique performance fibre.  

Key Attributes

Breathable & Wicking

the fibre structure disperses moisture leaving the body dry and comfortable.

Two-layer sustainable fabric

Internal bamboo charcoal layer with fine denier for a soft supple feel against the skin. Outer layer made fromrecyled polyester - a durable fabric which endures the rigours of daily training.


nano particles inhibit odour-causing bacteria.


Thermal Regulation

the yarn structure insulates in cold weather and helps to cool in hot weather.

Infrared Energy

nano particles absorb and emit far infrared energy to promote cell activation and blood circulation.

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