Ambassador Anna conquers NZ

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It took her 148 days (that's five and half months) of running an average of 15 to 20 miles a day, but that didn't put off awesome Crewroom Ambassador Anna McNuff from running the entire length of New Zealand.

In all, amazing Anna clocked up 1,911 miles. During her epic journey, she also ran NINE marathons on individual days! And on her last day, which ended tearfully as emotions ran high, she clocked a staggering 32 miles.

"It was the most ambitious thing I've ever done but the one thing it's taught me is that you should never be nervous about a challenge," said Anna. "Just start things even if they scare you witless. Into the breach!"

Now Anna, who raised over £6,000 for children, is back in the UK, writing a book about her adventure and touring Britain as an inspirational public speaker. To book her, visit

You can also follow Anna on Facebook at and on Twitter: @AnnaMcNuff.

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