Crewroom ticks the box in Clapham, says Mayor (who reveals she's a kick-boxer!)

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The Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Nicola Nardelli, has praised Crewroom as the perfect new business for the borough. Opening our new store in Clapham, south London, the Mayor declared: “This is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for.”

And to show her support for flourishing local firms, Mayor Nardelli then became one of our first customers, buying a pair of Crewroom leggings which, she revealed, she would wear for the new sport she’s just taken up – kick-boxing.

“I have bought a pair of leggings. I box, so it's for boxercise. I have taken up kick-boxing,” said The Mayor. “I go twice a week normally but since I've been Mayor, once every 10 days. I have seen the Crewroom shop and I think the stock is jolly, vibrant, eye-catching and 'of the day'. It’s like you just want to get some on and get out there running and jogging. They have some amazing designs.”

The Mayor highlighted Wandsworth’s current ‘Get Active’ project promoting cycling, running and other sports. “[Crewroom] is coming into an area where the demographic is already quite sporty,” she added. “The council stands behind any new business that is going keep any high street vibrant and lively and this is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for.”

The new store, at Number 79 Northcote Road (opposite popular pizza parlour Franco Manca) is now open so whether you’re bringing the kids back from the school run, passing us on your way home from the office, or just fancy a browse, do pop in and say hello.

More praise came from Wandsworth Town Centre Manager Lorinda Freint, a keen walker, swimmer and yoga enthusiast. “We are delighted to welcome Crewroom to Northcote Road. I think they are going to fit in extremely well,” she said.

“People in this area will definitely appreciate what Crewroom offer, which is excellent quality and lovely design. People round here are very fitness-minded and into sport so Crewroom will definitely do well.”

At a time when central government is encouraging the public to take more exercise and live more healthily, Crewroom’s ethos of promoting sport was well placed, said Ms Freint, who keeps fit through her job, a role which sees her walking a lot and clocking up 15-20,000 steps per day.

“I think Crewroom's message in general couldn't be more on point. It's definitely encouraging to see a place like this open, (along with all the bakeries and ice-cream shops which we all very much appreciate). It is a good thing to have a shop that reminds us of the message of fitness and health and that we should all be taking exercise,” she added.

With a retro-cool ‘locker room’ decor, featuring sports hall-style blue rubber-mat flooring, a vaulting horse and caged kit lockers, the shop also has a trendy paddleboard hanging from its ceiling. Fashionable sports kit on sale includes all the top items from Crewroom’s popular ‘Americana’ summer range, such as vibrant new vests, T-shirts, colourful shorts and crops. Regular favourites like North West Hoodies, hats and visors are also available.

Kate Giles, Crewroom Founder, (pictured below with the Mayor) said: “We are thrilled that The Mayor was able to open our new store. It's a very exciting new chapter in Crewroom’s story. We’re all about staying fit, enjoying the elements in the height of summer, running, paddleboarding, trail running and other sports. We’ve wanted to be part of the Clapham community for some time and when this opportunity came up in Northcote Road, we jumped at the chance.”

Special thanks on launch day also went to Samira Afrasiabi, (below) who was welcomed as our first mother-and-baby customer. Samira, a keen tennis player, pushed her pram and three-month-old baby son, Robert, round the store before leaving with a purple Crewroom Air Head Visor. “It’s amazing here,” she said. “I like the classic colours and funky designs, for both men and women.”

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