Focus on fitness and boost those endorphins

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The nights are drawing in and it’s easy to get home, pop on your onesie and hibernate until well after the finals of Strictly and X-Factor. But here at Crewroom we’ve decided to focus on fitness and get our endorphins flowing through the shorter days and long months ahead.

If you’re local to London and fancy embracing the elements, here are a few sessions which might tempt you from the sofa:

Warrior Training: From our very own hub here in Putney, our good friend Paul will have you flipping tractor tyres, tugging ropes, hanging from hoops and he’ll throw in some shuttle runs, just for fun.

Project Awesome: Free fitness fun open to all at famous iconic locations across London. Checkout their FB page to find out where intrepid explorer, Anna McNuff, and friends will end up next.

One Element: Known as the ‘social fitness company’ Tom and his team run high-intensity interval training sessions at outdoor locations in South West London.

Swift Fitness: One of London’s friendliest boot camps, the team run fun and effective classes in various locations across the capital from Parson’s Green to Highbury Fields.

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