From Hyde Park to Bushy via Hawaii - the race is on!

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Sunday October 12th marks a major milestone for Team Crewroom, reaching back months, even years, into our past.

Our seven-year milestone harks back to 2008 when we were delighted to provide the official shirt for the Royal Parks Foundation’s inaugural Half Marathon. Since then, we’ve been proud to continue our involvement with this fantastic event and are now in our third year of sponsorship of the Ultra, whose race shirt we also provide, began when the first Ultra was staged in 2012.

For the heroic runners, the day of the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and Ultra is the day when those months of hard work and training finally pay off.

We are proud to announce that 10 members of our very own Ultra team are taking part in this year’s 50km event. They’ll be wearing our orange race shirt – we hope you’ll be there to give them a bit of well earned encouragement.

In charge of Crewroom’s Ultra team is Coach Paul Gascoygne, who has supported our ultra athletes through our Run Club and core classes staged at Crewroom HQ.

We also want to shout out to the runners from Crewroom taking part in the Parks half marathon. We know it is no mean feat jogging 13.1 miles and we’ll be there on the finish line to cheer you home.

Our very own Cara Devlin has coached the Crewroom half marathon team, and on Sunday they’ll be brightening up the towpaths and trails wearing our Hawaiian blue race shirt.

The 2013 Ultra winner and Crewroom Ambassador Philippa Taylor unfortunately won’t be able to defend her title this year due to an Achilles heel injury. “I’m gutted not be able to take part,” she said. Spending the day with your feet up then? “Well, instead, I’m planning on a 50-mile cycle ride this Sunday.”

For all those of you taking part or heading on down to Hyde Park to watch, get all the info you need in time for race day.

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