Steaming swamps, bush forests, glacial lakes - but where's Anna?

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Crewroom-kit-clad Anna McNuff, our roving Ambassador and intrepid athlete-adventurer has clocked up an epic first leg to her amazing run across New Zealand.

Anna’s braved 35 degree heatwaves, trekking through swamps and dense bush forests, and is now navigating around huge glacial lakes as she crosses South Island.

“New Zealand does rugged rather well,” says Anna, who has already covered hundreds of miles on her adventure. She posts regular updates and videos on her popular blog, Mischief with McNuff, which you can check out here.

“If there were a World Championships for ruggedness and each country had to flex their sandy, dense forest, windswept trail-guns, New Zealand would definitely have a shot at the medals podium,” adds Anna.

Anna has been proving she is super-fit as she’s climbed mountain ranges including the Motatapu Mountains and Jack Hall’s Saddle (1,275m above sea level), to which she ascended from a valley.

Anna, who’s helping spread the word about Britain’s favourite sportskit brand, is running 2,000 miles across NZ, following the Te Araroa Trail. During the next five months, she’ll run from the southernmost point of the South Island, to Cape Reigna in the very north.

There are lots of ways YOU can support Anna, like by telling the world about her on social media; in New Zealand, you can invite Anna to a school or local community group, you can follow Anna on Twitter or Facebook – and embrace the #AnnaRuNZ hashtag. Why not drop Anna a line here? Anna has also revealed what keeps her motivated – singing while she runs!

“If there was a fly on the wall here, it might have caught me trotting along a deserted, and rather windy, Oreti beach, belting out Paloma Faith at the top of my lungs.”

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