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When new Crewroom designer Ana Kaefer seeks the inspiration to dream up next season’s winning sports kit, she needs to look no further than her own sports-crazy family.

Ana, 24, who was born in Brazil, is a keen runner and, as a teenager, spent four years as a competitive pentathlete, practising high jump, long jump, 1,000 metre running, 100 metre hurdles and shot-putting.

Then there’s her elder brother, Junior, aged 25, and her younger brother Jonathan, 17. “They have both competed in Brazil’s national championships as 1500 metre and 400 metre runners,” says Ana.

“At school, I also did gymnastics, then I went into basketball, and then boxing. Everybody is very active in my family when it comes to sport and also a little bit competitive.”

We forgot to mention Ana’s cousin, Alex, 30, who has also competed in Brazil’s national championships. Alex is an accomplished high jumper.

Oh, and then there’s her Uncle Luis, who has taken part in State competitions at volleyball. He’s now 50.

Away from the athletics track, Ana worked in Brazil as a designer for a sportswear manufacturer. She came to England in 2009, aged just 18. Now she’s designing Crewroom’s spring and summer 2016 ranges.

With her two brothers, Ana grew up in a small town in southern Brazil named Dois Irmaos (co-incidentally the English translation is: ‘Two brothers’). It’s a three-hour flight to Rio, her favourite city, and the setting for next year’s Olympics.

“Brazilian people are crazy about sport. They take it very seriously. When I came to the UK, I went to watch the 2012 Olympics here and I fell in love with it. The way the UK managed to stage such an event and make it about their people, was fantastic,” adds Ana.

“British people are clearly passionate about their sport and now, working with the Crewroom team, I'm glad to be a part of the sports community here. I love the Crewroom family, everyone is so friendly. I'm very, very happy about it.”

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