Yoga returns to the Crewroom hub

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After a few classes last year, we've brought Yoga back to Crewroom by popular demand. Starting Saturdays a 9:30am, and followed by our increasingly infamous (in Putney anyway!) brunch!

If you're thinking about joining our Yoga class and you're new to Yoga, here are to top tips to bring along to your first yoga session...

Breathe: There is a lot to learn about how breathe healthily in yoga. Breathe into your whole body in the poses and relax.

Be aware of the space around you: Leave enough space, so that if you do lose your balance – you won't knock your neighbour!

Laugh it out! Yoga is a focused meditative activity, but here at Crewroom we don't take ourselves too seriously. If a pose makes you feel awkward or stiff at first, we don't begrudge a giggle!

Don't overstretch yourself: Don't push yourself to do anything which feels harmful to your body. Talk to our yoga teacher about any poses to avoid in certain circumstances such as if you're pregnant or have an injury.

Wear comfortable clothing: As you'll be stretching in every direction, it's important to wear something that won't restrict your movement. If in doubt, check out Crewroom's (products here)

We look forward to seeing you at our Saturday Class, and we'd love to hear your feedback afterwards during brunch! Check back to the Crewroom blog soon – we'll be sharing photos from all of our Crewroom activities! Namaste folks!

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