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Thousands of runners are now limbering up for one of the key race events in the sporting calendar, the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday, October 11 – and Crewroom has been playing its part in supporting all those taking part.

Last month, Baz Moffat, Crewroom's resident personal trainer and a former international rower, took to the web to answer questions from runners on Facebook.

The Q&A session proved a great success, with Baz, an experienced endurance athlete, answering a wide range of runners’ queries about training and fitness.

With the 13.1-mile race now just 13 weeks away, Crewroom's physiotherapist Paul White also hosted a popular Q&A session on injury prevention, an issue so crucial in the run-up to race day.

Crewroom is playing a special new role in this year's Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon – as we’re official sponsor to the most exclusive VIP running squad taking part in the race, Team Squirrel.

Baz said: “We were focusing on training for the RPF half marathon and I answered all sorts of questions, ranging from: ‘How do I incorporate speed work into my training?’, ‘How do I train around a family?’, and ‘How do I take on the challenge of training for a half marathon when 5k is the longest distance I’ve ever run?’.

“Lots of people also asked me about how they could return from injury to start training again, while others were keen to find out which training sessions could produce faster times.

“Everyone who took part in the Q&A asked tough and pragmatic questions around what’s the best way to train for the Royal Parks Foundation race. It was very rewarding for me to be able to set them on their way and get them started.”

Our Baz will be back on Facebook again at 1.30pm on Thursday July 30 to answer your questions, this time about sports nutrition.

Baz will be online for one hour, so be sure to make a note of this and to get your questions and queries ready for her to answer.

To join in the online conversations, check out The Team Squirrel event page, found on the Royal Parks Foundation Facebook page, then simply post your questions there and she'll gladly respond.

Also, stay tuned to future Crew Cut bulletins for more details of a Team Crewroom training run, planned soon.

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