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Get moving in 2017

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The New Year and new resolutions will see many of you kick starting 2017 with a plan to get fit. So our friend and Personal Trainer – Baz Moffat – has put together some key exercises to help you on your way…

I love to mix up the basics a bit at this time of year. Our bodies move in all different directions and that’s how I like to train my clients – for function. So if you’ve decided this is the year to enter an endurance event which involves doing plenty more than running in a straight line then it’s important that you train your body to move in different directions as well.

1. Warming up: Use rotational movements and twists to get your body ready for movement. These exercises are my favourite to get me ready for action.

2. The squat: A classic exercise and one that I am passionate about, I just can’t walk past someone squatting with poor form! You can mix up the squat by changing your stance, move your feet from narrow to wide squat, one forward one back, and even pointing right and then left. By doing this you’re training in different planes which are far more representative of life and sport!

3. Lunges: Get moving with those lunges and add in these variations. Wobbling on the way up is fine but try to stay long and strong on the way down (so no collapsing around the middle). You can add your own variations into the ones I’ve demonstrated by changing what you do with your arms. Both the squats and lunges can be incorporated into your warm up or warm down when planning a run or as part of a daily exercise routine.

There’s no need to get bored with your exercises, there are so many variations out there! If you’ve got any useful or different exercises you’d like to share send your videos here.

Baz is a former elite rower and is a Women's Health and Fitness Coach who specialises in pelvic floor and core strength. She uses a holistic, evidence based approach to help women reconnect with their bodies, building strength from the inside, out. To find out more about Baz visit

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