International rowing exclusive: Grainger and Co love our hot cross buns

Easter came early at Crewroom HQ this year when hot cross buns were served to a crew of top international rowers including gold medalist Katherine Grainger (pictured top left).

Katherine, and a group of other fellow elite rowers, were training for the Women's Head on the Thames outside the Crewroom Hub.

During a break in their session, they popped into Crewroom to stock up on their energy levels for an invigorating snack. "We served them up some hot cross buns, cereal bars, muesli yoghurts, bananas, cashew nuts and fruit juices - and it all went in 20 minutes.

"The ladies were training really hard and they clearly needed a healthy snack," said Crewroom's kitchen team. "We were delighted to welcome them her and they'll all be very welcome to come back any time!"

Also joining the feast were top British rowers Heather Stanning and Helen Glover. Together, the ladies later posed for photographs for a national newspaper.

And then they departed, rations devoured, climbed back into their boat and sped off back down the river.