Nine out of ten squirrels choose Crewroom

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Some people say we’re nuts, but we’re thrilled to be officially sponsoring Team Squirrel, the VIP Royal Parks Foundation squad that’s running the charity’s Half Marathon this month. And we’d like to wish all of you taking part on Sunday the 11th the very best of luck in the race.

On Monday (Oct 5), Crewroom Founder Kate Giles (pictured above, centre, with Team Squirrel mascot Chester the Squirrel) will be hosting a special, hour-long Q&A on Facebook to answer any last-minute queries you may have. (At 12.30pm, check out Experts in running gear, we have the technical know-how and getting your kit choices wrong over 13.1 miles can prove disastrous.

"As every runner knows, picking the right kit for a race day is vitally important. The vests for Team Squirrel, like all 16,000 runners in the HM, are made from our Vapour X fabric, comprised of recycled bottles and bamboo. It’s beautifully soft to avoid chafing,” says Kate. “Plus, our research shows that nine out ten squirrels always choose our Vapour X.” Hmmm...

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