Run with a squirrel? You must be nuts!

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It's become one of the capital's most popular and iconic sporting events and now Crewroom is playing a special new role in this year's Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon – we’re official sponsor to the most exclusive VIP running squad taking part in the race, Team Squirrel.

The 13.1-mile race takes place across London on Sunday October 11th and with many of Crewroom’s friends now well into their training schedule, Crewroom Founder Kate Giles felt it was time to lead by example.

Team Squirrel, the Royal Parks Foundation’s exclusive squad, has a mascot, Chester The Squirrel – so who better, we thought, to put Kate through her paces than Chester?

Crewroom is sponsoring Team Squirrel for the first time and we already produce the race shirts for the half marathon. Plus, we’ll be there promoting our running kit on the day, too.

“It was a thrill to meet Chester 'in the flesh' (well almost),” said Kate. “To my surprise, he was quite fit and it was rather a struggle to keep up with him.”

Kate's training run with Chester (who completes the half marathon himself on race day) was the first of a string of events Crewroom is getting involved in to support the event.

On June 2, Baz Moffat, Crewroom's resident personal trainer and a former international rower, took to the web to answer questions from runners on Facebook.

Endurance athlete Baz, who is a World Championship bronze medalist who also ran her own personal training fitness company, spent an hour answering runners’ queries and offering tips and advice on training.

On Wednesday June 24 at 12.30pm, (make a note in your diary), Crewroom's physiotherapist Paul White, who practices at the White Hart clinic in Barnes, will host a Facebook Q&A session on injury prevention.

And our Baz will be back on Facebook again at 12.30pm on Tuesday July 21 to answer your questions, this time about sports nutrition.

To join in the online conversations, check out The Team Squirrel event page, found on the Royal Parks Foundation Facebook page, then simply post your questions there and we’ll respond.

Also, stay tuned to this bulletin for more details of a Team Crewroom training run, planned for August in the run-up to race day.

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