Summer fun and fitness

Summer fun and fitness

As the Regatta season comes to a close, here at Crewroom HQ our conversations have naturally turned to holidays. When it comes to people’s idea of a perfect break we know there are two schools of thought…
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As the Regatta season comes to a close, here at Crewroom HQ our conversations have naturally turned to holidays. When it comes to people’s idea of a perfect break we know there are two schools of thought…

  1. Activity holidays. Think skiing, sailing or trekking. Massive kudos to those who have already booked one of these trips, in fact many of our loyal customers choose these hols and we hope they’ve already got their Crewroom kit packed and ready!
  2. Pure relaxation holidays. Your idea of bliss is lying by the pool, reading a good book and sipping a Pina Colada or two (or three).

Whilst we are all for relaxing holidays, we are firm believers that you can have both and incorporating a bit of exercise will make you feel even better (endorphins and all that), especially if there are sites to be seen and local activities on offer. And, after a couple of weeks’ indulging in local cuisine and tipples, incorporating a bit of exercise will have your returning home feeling relaxed and energised and ready to fight the post-holiday blues.

Summer Fun and Fitness

So here are a few enjoyable and easy ways to exercise a little whilst you’re away…

When in Rome

Wherever you may be, take advantage of local activities on offer. Even better if it’s something you haven’t tried before. Regardless of your fitness level you’ll often be able to find something to suit. Everything from low impact swimming to adrenaline-fuelled activities like sky diving (ain’t nothing low-impact about that!).

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fast growing sport and often available in resorts by the sea or on lakes. Even if you barely stand up, you’ll still get a seriously good workout and for those of you who are a natural, you’ll be working those core muscles nicely.

Other ideas to tempt you include bush walking, snorkelling, sailing (catamarans are generally pretty easy to get the hang of, if you’ve never sailed before), kayaking, running (a great way to get to get to know your new surroundings whether it be a coastline, mountain or city) and last but not least, let’s not forget sightseeing – walk lots but don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.

Hit the hotel gym

It may sound dull – you’re on holidays to experience the location, not lock yourself away. But even 15 minutes on the treadmill will make a difference to your mood and energy levels. And what better way to cool off afterwards with a dip in the ocean.

From bed to breakfast

If you’d rather exercise in the privacy of your hotel room, pack yourself off with an exercise DVD (dust off that Jane Fonda). OK, it’s unlikely you’ll find a DVD player in your hotel room unless you’ve booked a 90’s nostalgia holiday, so your best bet is to download a few workout videos or apps onto your laptop or iPad before you leave. Alternatively, there’s a lot to be found on YouTube – check out HIIT sessions for a quick 10 minute workout.

But what to wear?

Don’t be afraid to wear exercise gear out and about, especially if it’s warm weather. Crewroom kit uses fabrics which wick sweat away from your skin and incorporate Polygiene antibacterial treatment. If we’ve lost you there it means that you your kit will stay fresher for longer, so you can wear it more without needing to wash it as often – very handy for holidays.

There is still time to grab luxury holiday exercise kit in the Crewroom Summer Sale here or check out our holiday collection below.

Anna McNuff

Photo credit: Anna McNuff, Adventure Queen and Crewroom Ambassador

The Crewroom Holiday Collection: Women

The Backdraft Tee

A stunning light and airy t-shirt with a beautiful ruffled back panel for a flattering finish and mesh panels placed in areas that need ventilation most. The Backdraft Tee is a timeless classic that will become your favourite holiday staple, from street to gym to the great outdoors.

The Backdraft Tee

The Ribbing Legging

Using our favourite non-pilling, antibacterial jersey fabric these leggings are designed with flattering panel construction and a three-layer waistband so you'll feel support without restriction. We've included a secure side pocket for your valuables. Super comfortable when exploring city sites.

The Ribbing Legging

The Crewroom Holiday Collection: Men

The Current Tee

This short sleeve t-shirt uses non-pilling fabric can be washed and worn time and time again without losing the amazing soft, supple feel. Your favourite cotton t-shirt but it wicks, breathes and dries super fast so you can train in ultimate comfort. Perfect for holidays, this versatile Tee will take you from poolside to gym to mountain walks.

The Current Tee

The Fuel Short

Inspired by the Mont Blanc mountain marathon runner but found throughout the globe, our Fuel range is built for performance. With lightweight, durable fabric, Polygiene antibacterial treatment and a 360° waistband pocket for ultra storage, these shorts are fantastic for holiday strolling or serious mileage in a new domain.

The Fuel Short

Air Head

Beach, river, mountain or city breaks – Air Head is a beautiful range of sustainable head gear to suit all holiday types. From ultra lightweight visors to stylish truckers and super-cosy beanies.

Air Head Visor

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