Anna travels beyond her back gate

Adventurer and Crewroom Ambassador, Anna McNuff, has only been back from her epic NZ cross country run for a few months but she’s already got itchy feet and has just headed off on her next adventure to…who knows where!

With her backpack and sleeping bag, Anna is currently heading towards Harwich to catch a ferry, European destination currently unknown. Instead of meticulously planning her trip as she’s always done she’s leaving it up to her social followers to decide where she ends up next.

As Anna describe it, this is an “unplanned, unstructured, social media driven, flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants adventure”.

Her aim is that 90% of her journey will be human powered, mostly walking, with a spot of hitchhiking and a ferry ride – planes are out of the equation and will only be used to fly back at the end of her adventure which finishes on 13th March.

In January we packed Anna off with a bag of new Crewroom kit. “The Shackleton Jacket is waiting in the closet for use on the adventure - for which it will be perfecto and snuggly,” Anna told us. We’re glad we could help Anna and everyone here at Crewroom will be tuned in to follow you as you make your way through Europe. We can’t wait to see where you end up.

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