Crewroom HIIT you with a new training session

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Each month our intrepid store managers, Emily and Tiina, have been testing out fitness sessions and classes in and around London to see what’s new and what works.

This week, the fitness duo will be launching their very own HIIT class here at the Crewroom Hub on Putney Embankment.

With a background in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science, Emily, our Putney Store Manager is joining forces with Tiina, Northcote Store Manager and Personal Trainer, to bring you a lean muscle workout with their high intensity interval training.

The first session starts tonight at 7.15pm and will be held each Wednesday evening at the same time. The session will involve intense plyometrics to increase heart rate and fat burning followed by resistance circuits to build lean muscle.

The first session is FREE so if you’re in the area, pop along and get your first ‘HIIT’ at no charge!

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