Anna's social adventure

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Last month we reported that friend and Crewroom Ambassador, Anna McNuff, was heading out of her back gate on her latest adventure which would be completely directed by her social media followers via a vote system.

Well, we’re pleased to report that her adventure has, as expected, been an adventure!

Starting out on 16th February, her social media followers voted that her first destination was Harwich sea port. Using leg power only (both walking and cycling) Anna picked up a few blisters and made her way to the coast before voters sent her on a ferry to Utrecht in Holland. There she followed the winding canals and indulged in some local Dutch pancakes along the way.

Then on to the forests of Apeldoorn to enjoy the beautiful scenery before the vote sent Anna and her wheels to follow the Rhine all the way to Mannheim in Germany and onto the Black Forest.

The small issue of heavy snow and blizzard conditions altered Anna’s route a tad so she headed towards Lake Constance in Switzerland. After exploring the scenic lakes she is now headed to Geneva in the last leg of her month long adventure which ends on 13th March.

Along the way Anna has managed to throw in a couple of inspirational talks at local schools and has inspired all of us yet again.

So, on what has just been International Women’s Day where we celebrate the truly inspirational women in our lives, we take our hats off to you Miss McNuff!

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