Crewoom 'on the way up' says ambassador Charles

Standing six foot, six inches tall, top international rower Charles Cousins is not one to shrink from a challenge – and when we asked him to step up as a new Crewroom Ambassador, Charles leapt at the chance.

“Crewroom has some awesome kit that looks after the athlete in bad weather. It makes a big difference - no one wants to be out on the water in minus two degrees but if you have decent kit on it makes all the difference,” says Charles, 25.

“Also, Crewroom definitely have a good client base, and are supporting all the university sports teams, too. They are on the way up and I wanted to be part of helping them grow to being an even bigger brand.”

In his new role, Charles will be testing Crewroom’s latest kit ranges as an elite athlete. He will also be taking to social media to air his views on our sports gear and writing the occasional blog. We’ll keep you posted.

Currently high in the mountains in snowy Sierra Nevada, Spain, he’s attending an altitude camp at 2,300m. Daily training includes working out on rowing machines and weights in the gym. Every evening there’s a game of football.

“I’ve brought my Cambridge United shorts with me but I’m not the best at football,” he admits. “I try not to be a deficit to the team – not to get in the way too much!”

Whenever Charles would complain about feeling cold during training, his rowing coach had a favourite saying: “There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”.

Charles wholeheartedly agrees. “You need kit that allows you a full range of movement and you want to feel warn even with a lot on.”

There’s one item of Crewroom kit that Charles is rarely without. “The one Crewroom item I use daily is the visors,” he adds. “They are the best ones I've come across and are about the only thing that can control my mop head during training.”

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