Getting our show on the road

Getting our show on the road

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It’s only March but our roadshow team have already put in some serious mileage to bring Crewroom to an event near you. And, as we hit the busy event season, there’ll be no rest for the mighty silver truck!

Crewroom Roadshow

Here’s where you’ll find us over the next month:

  • School’s Head of the River, Putney: Thursday, 23rd March
  • Oarsport Junior Sculling Head, Dorney: Friday, 24th March
  • Head of the River Race, Putney: Saturday, 25th March
  • Vesta Veterans Head, Putney: Sunday, 26th March
  • Brighton Marathon: 7th to 9th April
  • Ghent Spring Regatta, Belgium: 8th & 9th April
  • Abingdon Head: Sunday, 9th April

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