Let adventurer Anna spice up your life

If living in London seems dull and dreary, athlete-explorer and Crewroom Ambassador Anna McNuff will change your mind with her inspirational talk this Friday about how her exciting micro-adventures around the capital can spice up your life.

Anna, who cycled across 50 states in America last year, and is planning to run the length of New Zealand next year, has turned her attention to energetic challenges closer to home this year, as she will explain at her talk at the Pop-Up, entitled 'Small Adventures Around the Big Smoke'.

Come and hear her tales from a summer spent exploring the lakes, rivers and hilltops, all reachable within one hour of London. Find out how to weave adventure into your everyday life - and discover that the wilderness is closer than you think.

"Life as an adventurous soul in London can be tough," says Anna. "Traffic, pollution, noise, concrete, and the people. Oh my!

There are people everywhere. And yet, I've discovered that wilderness, peace and emptiness are closer than you think."

The ever-irrepressible and always enthusiastic Anna has spent months exploring the wilds of Essex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey with friends, and her amazing experiences make fascinating and entertaining listening. Don't miss Anna's free talk this Friday November 7th at 6.45pm. 

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