More Monday Motivation with McNuff

Back in 2013, our friend and Adventure Queen - Anna McNuff - set out alone, unassisted on a 7-month, 11,000-mile cycle through North America, taking in every state of the USA.

With her trusty pink bicycle (Boudica), Anna cycled through blizzards, electrical storms, pedalled side by side with mustangs of the Wild West, through towering redwood forests, past the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains and on to the volcanos of Hawaii...

This is Anna's tale of self-discovery as she explores if there's more to life than her corporate life in London. And guess what...there is! Meeting record-breaking grandmas, singing with Al Green at a gospel service and avoiding grizzly bears are just some of the life changing moments Anna encounters along the way. 

Anna McNuff

So, once again, if you're looking for a little motivation this Monday, we highly recommend picking up a copy of 50 Shades of the USAIt's down-to-earth, heartfelt, hilarious and everything you'd expect from our favourite adventurer and mischief maker.