No shoes required

Last month, Crewroom ambassador, Anna McNuff, embarked on her latest challenge – to run the distance of 100 marathons (2,620 miles) through Britain – completely barefoot.

As an ambassador for UK Girl Guiding, Anna wants to inspire young girls and women in the UK to challenge themselves and to believe in their own abilities, teaching them the joys of adventure and the magic of the great outdoors.

She’s currently weaving her way through Scotland and, earlier this week, Anna’s bare feet carried her into Dundee after completing 20 out of the hoped for 100 marathons.

As anticipated, this epic adventure is having its ups and downs with Anna saying: "many days are hard, some days are hard with rainbow sprinkles of joy and some days a pure joy".

Anna McNuff

Anna, as always, is proving that pretty much anything is possible if you really believe in yourself and the wonders of the human body which inevitably adapts to the challenge. She may be suffering with sore feet but Anna, the ever optimistic bean that she is, is spreading her magic sparkle dust along the way and inspiring groups of bright, hopeful and adventurous young women at various talks with Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.

It may be tough going but, as we know, Anna is pretty amazeballs and we have no doubt she’ll continue to run with a spring in her step, despite the blisters. Good luck for the next ‘leg’ Anna!

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Photography credits: Anna McNuff