Summer is golden

This month we hear from Crewroom ambassador and elite international rower – Jess Eddie – as she prepares for what she hopes will be a summer filled with gold…

After what seemed like an endless winter of testing, trials and training I feel like I can finally see summer on the horizon.

Olympic year is always a toughie (this is my third) as the intensity increases and so does the importance of every stroke we take. In rowing we have the World Champs every year but the big one is the Games every four years. It’s what we focus on and build up to.

Sitting here now we are less than 90 days out from the opening ceremony and I cannot wait! We have just raced our first big event of the season – the European Championships – where I’m pleased to say my crew and I (Women’s 8+) WON! I don’t get to say that too often and standing in the middle of the podium hearing the national anthem is something that is so very special.

My crew is made up of a group of exceptional women; one doctor, two medical students, one studying a PhD in sand (yes sand, she’s a Doctor of Sand), an English teacher, a sports scientist, a physio and a two time Olympic silver medalist. We are a funny mix of personalities, backgrounds and ages but together we have gelled and formed a tight knit crew.

Rowing gives us a unique opportunity to throw together nine different people to form one boat, one powerhouse, all moving in perfect synchronization and rhythm.

I will soak up each and every day I get to row in this crew and look forward to what we can accomplish this summer.

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