The Crewroom road trip

The Crewroom road trip

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Our event season is hotting up this summer and our events team are making their way around the country to a record number of events this year. Over the next few weeks you'll find us here... 

  • The Long Course Weekend, Tenby, Wales: 8th to 10th July
  • Henley Masters Regatta: 8th to 10th July
  • Kingston Regatta: 9th - 10th July
  • Hermes Running, Reigate: 10th July
  • British Junior Championships, Nottingham: 16th - 17th July
  • Molesey Regatta: 16th - 17th July
  • St Neots Regatta: 23rd - 24th July
  • Staines Amateur Regatta: 23rd July
  • Henley Town & Visitors: 30th July
  • Wimbledon Common Half Marathon: 30th July
  • Maidenhead Regatta: 6th August

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