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Friend and high-performance coach, Paul Gascoyne, has returned to Crewroom on a Saturday morning to put budding warriors through their paces with a cross training session that will get the heart pumping and those calories burning.

Paul is a competitive triathlete, seven-times Ironman, Xterra competitor and Adventure Racer. All this makes him the perfect host for Warrior training here at the Crewroom Hub on Putney Embankment.

Sessions run from 9.30 – 10.30am every Saturday, newcomers get a free taster session and it’s £7 thereafter.

Warrior training, also known as Agoge training, is so called because it was used by Spartan warriors to prepare for the battlefield, and it is a mixture of bodyweight exercises and running.

Participants complete 10 reps of an exercise (which may be Kettlebells, Clubells, Gym Rings or Battleropes), then run 1km. The next round is a further 10 reps of the first exercise and a new exercise, then you run 1km again. You add one exercise each time and keep running the 1k after each group. In short 1 exercise 10 reps 1 run, 2 exercises 10 reps of each, 1 run, 3 exercises 10 reps of each 1 run and onwards until you finally complete 10 reps of all 6 exercises and finish with a run!

“This training gives you a good functional base, plus it’s perfect for all sports. It will make you fit and less prone to injury,” explains Paul.

For more details of Paul’s classes, contact or contact Paul directly at

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