Vintage Crewroom

Vintage Crewroom

Eight years, two owners and 200 washes later, this Crewroom sports bra is still in tip-top shape and ready for many more outings.

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Welcome to the third in a series of Blogs called ‘Vintage Crewoom’, where we showcase some vintage, very loved, very worn (and very washed!) pieces of Crewroom kit – all of which still cut the mustard years after purchase!

This month we’re featuring an eight-year-old, Rio Cross Bra – launched as the excitement was hotting up before Brazil 2016, and designed with a gentle nod to GB and the colourful Rio vibe.

The owner of this particular bra, one of the first sports bras we ever made, was given it as a hand-me-down. Despite being put through its paces by two separate owners, and after more than 200 washes, we’re proud to see that it’s still a kit bag favourite and frequently gets an outing!

The history behind our sports bras

As a female-founded company with a history in rowing, we understand that breast support is incredibly important for female athletes. Getting the right fit for the right activity can impact performance – when you’re moving, your breasts are moving (up and down and sideways) and, without the right support, potentially slowing you down.

In 2015 we launched our first design – The Cross Bra. We incorporated double layering (for added support) but made sure we used a super-soft knit jersey for ultimate comfort (and reduced chafing) with a supportive, more structured under band. We’ve since adapted the original design to feature a racerback mesh panel to give complete breathability and airflow. We’ve even included a handy sweat-resistant media pocket!

In the years since, we’ve gone on to develop a range of thoughtfully designed sports bras for different workout regimes, including our fully functional Rowing Bra which gives great coverage and support with maximum back ventilation.

The Seamless Bra is the newest addition to our collection – a supportive and extremely comfortable, two-layer sports bra, crafted with super-soft stretch fabric to gently mould the contours of the body, while the wide structured weave of the fabric (featuring specific breathability circles) and exaggerated mesh, ensures moisture is efficiently drawn away from the body.

It's also our first bra to incorporate recycled yarns, something we’re aiming to roll out across our other designs – as part of our commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring our sports bras will be in use for years to come!

To see more Crewroom products that have stood the test of time, stay posted for the next in our series of ‘Vintage Crewroom’. 

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