Where's Anna?

Last month Crewroom friend and ambassador – Anna McNuff – headed to the Andes along with Bernard (her trusty bike) and fellow adventurer, Faye Shepherd.

After landing in La Paz, a few Spanish lessons and encountering a few zebras (of sorts), Ana and Faye saddled up their bikes and took their first ride into the Andes.

The first challenge was to pedal up to Chacaltaya ski station at 5,200m high. With support from locals and an adventurer’s fire in their bellies, the gals made it up to 4,200m but that’s where the proverbial wheels started to fall off.

Anna McNuff

The oxygen percentage in Anna’s blood dropped to 74% (it should be 96%!) and altitude sickness set in. Sensibly, Anna and Faye headed back downhill to rest and re-fuel with hot chocolate before taking in the shores of Lake Titicaca the following day.

Anna McNuff

Since then the pair have passed through La Cumbre Pass, along The Death Road, over the hills above Irupana and they’re currently crossing the crystal white Coipasa salt flats. Encounters with scorpions, llamas and Enrique Iglesias (well almost) are just a few of the moments which make Ana’s adventure a must read.

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Anna McNuff