Earth Day

As the sun starts to shine through our design hub, bringing a sparkle to the River Thames, we are thinking more and more about our planet.

At Crewroom, our team regularly discuss how we’re operating and what more we can do to reduce our footprint. We started this process years ago. So far we’ve developed our very own fabric – Vapour X derived from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo+charcoal, we use sea freight wherever possible and follow strict guidelines to ensure all we do has sustainability as a foundation. There’s so much more coming, stay tuned!

The last 30 years have seen a rapid decline in the state of our beautiful planet, at Crewroom we believe whole-heatedly that this must stop. We have a circle of trade, love & trust that represents all angles of our business from creation to customer.

Crewroom’s top three tips to reduce carbon footprint

1. Reduce single-use plastics: Say no to extra plastics! Plastic cutlery, straws, bags, and sachets… it’s never ending. A great start is to make a zero waste kit to take out of the house; it could contain a reusable bottle, travel cup, cutlery and a reusable straw – for those who must! Crewroom kit comes in a reusable tote bag – we don’t think plastic bags are cool!

2. Wash clothes colder and less frequently: Washing clothes at under 30C or less saves over 57% of energy. Most of us over-wash clothes, not only does it decrease their life, it also causes micro-fibres to break away and end up polluting the environment, especially in cheaper fabrics. Crewroom’s collection boasts kit treated with Polygiene® permanent odour control which is also antibacterial – pretty scientific stuff but basically your clothes stay fresher & cleaner much longer. Check out collection of Polygiene® treated clothing here. Crewroom also uses quality non-piling fabrics, so micro fibres stay put - on your clothes where they belong.

3. Buy quality, not quantity: Research brands and invest in quality - look for companies who make sensible & sustainable decisions. What about the eco-footprint of that product when you’re done? Invest in products that are made from natural materials and made to last. Look into eco-alternatives for all you buy from cleaning products to caps. Crewroom’s Vapour-X Visors & Caps, contain our trademark sustainable fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo and charcoal.