Exercise and heat: Keeping cool in warm weather

Get your fitness on safely this season. Whether you're exercising outdoors or taking part in an event, having a plan in the warmer weather can make all the difference. The best way to knock outdoor workouts on the head is to plan, prepare, and execute! Our new season collections boast stunning technical pieces designed for warm conditions. So let’s get you prepped and ready for whatever the elements may bring...

Clever kit: Light coloured, loose fitting technical fabrics wick away sweat and dry quickly. Crewroom uses the highest quality fabrics coupled with innovative designs. The Women’s Essence Vest is a season top seller, with it’s ultra-lightweight fabric and flattering free flowing design. Checkout the River Lights Range for beautifully light fabrics that will keep you so cool, you’ll be surprised that you're wearing anything at all.

Panels matter: Tried and tested by elite athletes, our designers know exactly where we need ventilation the most, that’s why our featured mesh breathable panels keep you cool, calm and collected. Find these strategically placed panels on our Men’s Fuel Vest and Women’s Fuel Vest

Time it right: Get out and play at the right time of day. Best not to exercise in the middle of the day, which is generally the hottest. Get out at the coolest time, usually just before sunrise. Set that alarm clock, no snoozing!

Be a little shady: Plan routes that offer shade, lots of trees or natural shelter are best. Try to avoid dark surfaces such as tarmac that trap heat and make your outdoor experience even hotter!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Did we mention you need to hydrate? Consume adequate amounts of water. Sports drinks are great for intense exercising in the heat and replacing depleted electrolytes – just beware of those containing a super high sugar content and artificial ingredients. Beware of drinks that are packaged in single use plastics and always look out for recycled or sustainable options.

Cover up: Always protect your skin. In addition to well-known effects of harmful rays, sunburned skin loses the ability to sweat making our body’s natural cooling system less efficient. Always don your sun cream and an Air Head Visor or Vapour-X Cap. our Air Heads have a cult following – once you put it on your head you will most certainly fall in love.

Don’t peak too early: Slow your pace down to adjust for heat and humidity. Remember, sometimes slow and steady wins the race, particularly in the scorching heat.

Be kind to our world: Make sure you leave the outdoor space you graced just as you found it. If you see any rubbish that others have left adjust your exercise by picking it up and binning it. Good karma calories go much further – fact!