Keen runner Carlos helps Crewroom go the distance

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As a mischievous teenager Carlos Rybeck threw some eggs at a car and, as a punishment, his Dad forced him to join the local running team. Now a dedicated long-distance runner, Carlos is store manager at Intersport City, where Crewroom has become their best-selling free-stand brand in the store’s history.

Aged 16, Carlos was growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota in America. He was full of energy and, like most teenagers, enjoyed larking around.

“I got into trouble for throwing eggs. It was just kids being mischievous but my Dad was real mad. I was a rebellious teenager doing a lot of the wrong things. I had so much energy and was throwing eggs at houses and cars. As a punishment, he made me join the cross-country running team at my high school.

“It ended up being the best punishment I've ever had in my life. Since then, running has kept me in focus and it's been my backbone for solving any problems,” says Carlos, now 28, who runs Intersport City, near the Bank of England, at 48-51, Bow Lane.

Every day Carlos runs the five miles to work from his home in Canning Town, east London, and he also puts in speed-work track sessions in the evenings.

“I run 70 miles a week and I love to wear Crewroom’s kit. I always wear the Current Tee, the North-West Hoodie and the Retain Leggings. I think Crewroom’s kit is fantastic. It's made for the runner, whereas other brands often don't fit the runner’s physique properly. I run in it and love it and that’s why I’m very happy to promote it in store.”

Intersport City is a multi-sports specialist store, meetings the needs of runners, tennis players, footballers, cyclists, skiers and people interested in general fitness training. Crewroom launched its products in-store in January and have become the customers’ top free-stand choice.

Adds Carlos: “The fact that Crewroom is based locally in Putney is fantastic. We are doing phenomenal sales figures in the store. Crewroom does really well for us. We’ve stocked maybe 20 other different ranges in the past, but last month Crewroom became our best-selling free-stand range in the history of our store.”

Intersport City stock the North-West Hoodie, the long-sleeve Backdraft Tee, and the Retain Leggings. “They’re slightly thermal which is proving very popular with people running in London at this time of year,” says Carlos.

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychological sciences, Carlos competed in his college Division One squad, as a track specialist, specialising in the 5,000 metres (his PB is 13mins 52secs). “I love encouraging new people to love running as much as I do.

I love running, it takes up a good part of my life, and now it helps me focus and stay happy. Running in Crewroom kit makes me real happy too.”

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