We go nuts for Team Squirrel!

Crewroom is proud to announce that we are set to make our debut as official sponsors of the hottest running team in the UK. We’ve gone nuts for the Royal Parks Foundation’s in-house Half Marathon running squad, Team Squirrel.

The Parks’ award-winning half marathon event is the most iconic race in Britain and in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be organising a whole host of fun squirrelly activities for you to join in with.

The race takes place this year on Sunday 11th October but training and preparations for the event have already begun.

Crewroom, who are also the official suppliers of Team Squirrel’s running vests on race day, will be hosting Team Squirrel training runs at lunchtimes.

A group of Crewroom’s own staff will also be competing in the race in October, along with a number of celebrities who have been recruited.

Team Squirrel’s official mascot, Chester the Squirrel, will also be joining our training events, and squirrel tails will adorn many runners.

We will also be producing a half marathon training plan for you and Crewroom’s Founder Kate Giles, a keen runner herself, will be linking up with runners on Facebook.

“We’ll be hosting some Q&A sessions on Facebook so that people can ask whatever questions they like about kit. Lots of runners have kit queries as they start to prepare for a race and we will be there to support them,” said Kate.

“Also, squirrels are my pet dog Vinnie’s favourite animal. He loves chasing them. So I thought now was the right time to formally support Team Squirrel at the parks as my dog needs a lot of exercise."

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