Paint the town red (with a run, hop, skip or a jump)

This weekend we’re launching a new competition to inspire a little street art and creativity on your daily exercise allowance. Whether you’re walking, running, cycling or just skipping around the garden, we want to see you get creative!

Image credit: Google

Using STRAVA route maps, we have no doubt you’ll come up with some gallery-worthy treats so, for the top two winning routes, we’re offering a pair of our No Bother Pants to throw on post exercise, or one of our North West Hoodies – both great for the warm down, and the ultimate lounge gear for a little sofa time.

For the next 20 (yes, that’s 20) runners up, we’ll send out a Crewroom ‘surprise prize’ for your athletic and artistic efforts!

As you can see, our friend Pete, over at Thames Tradesmen RC, has already demonstrated his astounding artistic flair, running a 4km route which spells out TTRC – nice work Pete.

So, get plotting – you’ve got until 9am on Monday to share your STRAVA routes with us on Twitter. Be sure to tag us in @crewroom and use these hashtags: #crewmunity #mapchallenge #pulltogether 

We’ll announce the lucky winners on Tuesday. Now, go create!


1) If you can't leave your house, a drawn picture on a map is acceptable as long as you follow streets.

2) Please ensure you follow the guidance on how long you can exercise for. If you can’t finish in time, complete as shown here.

3) Keep it clean.

4) Have fun!