Stacey's marathon SUP challenge

It comes as no surprise that newly-appointed Crewroom Ambassador Stacey Smithson is hooked on Stand-Up Paddleboarding - she learned the skills of her sport on the magical waters of the sun-kissed Caribbean.

"I learned SUP in Belize, paddling in the clear blue, still, flat Caribbean Sea surrounded by tropical fish and dolphins. The scenery was always going to be a winner," says Stacey.

Nowadays, Stacey, 32, is based in Nottingham, where she has just been promoted to Activities Manager at the city's famous National Water Sports Centre.

Stacey is a keen CrossFit enthusiast and she also finds time to practise her SUP skills by training two to three times a week on the water, three lakes and the River Trent, which are all near her home.

In September, she is taking part in a SUP marathon event in Holland - in fact, she'll be paddling an amazing four and a half marathons in just five days. Crewroom is proud to be supporting her with kit on her awesome challenge.

"I will be paddling for seven or eight hours a day and I'm really looking forward to it," says Stacey, who stands just 5ft one and a half inches tall and tips the scales at 52kgs.

"It proves that you do not need to be a powerhouse to be a strong accomplished paddler," she adds. "SUP paddling is growing rapidly in the UK right now.

"Being able to get out on the water is very exciting for people, but it's also very relaxing and calming."

To book a SUP class at Crewroom, contact Active360 here.

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