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It’s windy, maybe chilly too. You need to get changed out of your wet gear before you catch a chill and you’re not quite sure how to get the job done. Luckily Crewroom's new compact Changing Kit will come to your rescue.

If you tend to get worried about falling over and baring your modesty when you’re trying to change, Crewroom has some great news - it's our popular Changing Kit (rrp £65), the perfect accessory to end all your problems when it comes to getting changed easily.

Ideal for a wealth of outdoor activities, including all you watersports fanatics, it’s got all the tools you need to change discreetly and dry off quickly when you’re out in the elements.

The award-winning Crewroom design team developed their Changing Kit in collaboration with paddlers on the River Thames, who helped them finesse the technical aspects of the product.

Produced in one size, with a handy black storage bag and a blue microfibre changing robe, it doubles as a pillow and you can use the bag to store all your wet or dirty gear. The thick neoprene bag converts into a changing mat, and the mat includes non-slip foot pads. Finally, it also protects your feet from sharp objects or the dirty ground when you’re changing.

Crewroom say: "At paddle events up and down the country these days, you see people hanging around half-naked after they’ve been out racing. They feel awkward and don’t know where to change.

“But that’s all a thing of the past now they can use the Crewroom Changing Kit to change discreetly and warmly with a minimum of fuss. Plus, the added advantage of this handy changing kit is that it folds compactly into a neat little pillow that is easy to transport whenever you are out and about having fun.”

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