The race to sustainability

This year marks the 13th year of working alongside The Royal Parks and we are proud to be able to contribute to their vision of making the Royal Parks Half Marathon as green and sustainable as possible. Since 2008 we have been supplying sustainable race shirts which never compromise on technical function or performance. With recycled polyester and carbonised bamboo, these race shirts are fully fit for purpose and have been worn by over 200,000 runners.

This year, we took another huge leap forward in the sustainable race and removed plastic bags from the order, bags which were previously used to package each shirt individually before dispatch to participants. This ultimately prevented 20,000 plastic bags from potentially entering landfill and, instead, we utilised left-over fabric from the shirt order to create garment sacks, allowing us to pack in bulk – a double sustainable whammy!

Royal Parks Half Marathon sustainable race shirt

Then, to further reduce the need for packaging, The Royal Parks moved away from individual postage to handing the shirts out to competitors on race day. And, when racing was over, the 500 fabric sacks used for shipping the shirts were given away to runners – providing them with a handy and sustainable post-race kit bag!