What an incredible 'feet'!

Adventurer, speaker and mischief maker – Anna McNuff – has feet of steel, it’s official. She has just completed an unbelievable 90 marathons (2,352 miles) from the Shetland Islands to London – completely barefoot.

After crossing the finish line with a troop of running supporters and, after time to catch her breath, Anna said: “A moooassive thanks to everyone who came out to join in today - to wave banners, throw snacks at me and encase me in a tornado of wonderment. Although I didn’t make the full 100 marathon distance in the end, I feel like I shot for the stars and landed on the moon. And I very much like the moon.”

Why, you may ask yourself, would you want to put your body through such an arduous challenge? Well, at the core of Anna’s adventure are the young women of Britain. As a proud Girlguiding ambassador, Anna wanted to be able to stand in front of those young women – our future leaders, scientists, adventurers, athletes, politicians, artists – and demonstrate to them that they can reach for things that are just beyond what they believe they are capable of. So, what better way to lead the way than by running through hills and valleys, across rivers and roads and through villages and cities in a phenomenal journey covering the length of Britain, all without shoes.

Girl Guiding Ambassador

The word on Anna’s adventure has certainly spread over the last five months with Anna appearing on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine and in an interview with ITV news. And, just days before the finish line, Channel 5 News picked up on this amazing story, giving Anna a welcome break as she visited the studio and chatted enthusiastically as ever to anchor woman, Claudia.

Anna, your journey has finally come to an end and so everyone at Crewroom would just like to give you a massive high five. You’re a real inspiration and role model to so many and we can’t wait to see what slightly bonkers adventure you are planning next. In the meantime, sit back, put up those feet and relax!

Photo and video credit: Anna McNuff