Too busy for breakfast? Take a midnight snack

There are just 10 weeks to go and if you’re entering this year’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, your training is now approaching its peak and your nutrition is key.

That’s why Crewroom, who are sponsoring Team Squirrel in the October 11 race, have offered their support to runners in the form of a series of Facebook question-and-answer sessions.

This month, our Sales Director, Baz Moffat, took part in an online Q&A all about nutrition – and the queries from anxious racers poured in.

Baz, Crewroom's resident personal trainer and a former international rower, took to the web to answer questions ranging from energy gels and protein snacks to recovery meals and vegetarian diet options.

An experienced endurance athlete, Baz said: “It’s always a pleasure to talk with all our running friends. Crewroom is here to support you and we wish you all well on race day.”

One online inquirer asked how they could substitute for breakfast if they didn’t have time to eat any before a long run first thing in the morning. Baz advised that a midnight snack the night before, of breakfast cereal, would be a good option.

Another runner asked: ‘How can I be sure to get enough protein as a half marathoner if I am a vegetarian?' Baz suggested adding chickpeas, pulses and beans to soups and salads, or else try carrying a tub of peanut butter with you for snacking.

What about recovery foods, and which are most effective, was another question. Baz, who frequently relied on recovery snacks during her distinguished rowing career, advised poached eggs or beans on toast, muesli, fruit and yogurts, always combining carbs with protein after a long exercise session.

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on in your training, so don’t forget to follow @Crewroom on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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