'Crewroom kit flatters the female figure' - official

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Crewroom’s award-winning kit has been featured in a best-selling new “mag-book” published by Women’s Fitness magazine.

The concept, combining a magazine with a book, has proved extremely popular with readers on the high street and at WH Smiths stores where the new publication is now on sale.

The mag-book, titled “10-Week Fat Burn – Lose A Stone” has been produced by Editor and personal trainer Christina Macdonald. It contains a spread of photographs featuring a model performing exercises wearing Crewroom’s Lunge Knee Crops, which are a cross between leggings and standard crops.

Finishing just above the knee they are functional and fab. The wide waistband is a treat, especially if you're conscious of your tummy, and the fabric feels amazingly supportive without restriction.

Editor Christina said: “’10-Week Fat Burn – Lose A Stone' is about encouraging women to exercise regularly in order to achieve their weight-loss goals. Motivation to exercise regularly is key. One way to stay motivated is to invest in flattering workout kit that makes you feel good while you’re exercising.

“Crewroom kit flatters the female figure in the right places and takes the emphasis away from those hard-to-trim areas like the belly. Good kit means feeling less self-conscious and more confident while you exercise and I’m all for that!”

The mag-book is available priced £9.99 from stores and also online via www.magbooks.com. You can follow fitness editor and personal trainer Christina on @writefitchris.

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