The journey of your team order

The journey of your team order

Designs are signed off, your team order is confirmed and a few weeks later the finished product arrives. But ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to make it all happen? From order to delivery, this is the journey of your team order...
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We’ve been crafting custom-made team apparel for grassroots and elite international athletes for nearly 25 years and have worked hard to establish a reliable fabric supply and specialist manufacturing base which focuses on bespoke orders.

Working closely with each customer, we create a realistic and achievable timeline from design concept through to final delivery, with a dedicated Crewroom Account Manager who oversees the whole project. In its very simplest form, here’s how it works…



But depending on whether you place a manual order or use our Teamroom facility, there’s a whole lot more that goes on behind the scenes. For example, with the Teamroom, our designer works with your Crewroom Account Manager to create the initial design boards with the products and designs you specify.

We then build your virtual team shop and create each product digitally, according to the approved design board – making each item available to order online. And whilst you're busy ordering, we work with the factory to make sure all relevant artwork files are set up, ahead of production.

Your team order window is agreed and when it closes, we run summary reports to get the totals and size breakdowns (per product) and create ‘cut sheets’ for the factory. These detail everything from product styles, fabrics and colours, to artwork files and artwork placements. The order is then booked into a production slot.

At the factory we have different production lines for lycra-based products (like rowing suits and baselayers) and outerwear (like rowing jackets, gilets trackpants), each with their own specialist pattern cutters, printers, sublimators and sewers. Often, what you see as a finished rowing suit will start life as a box full of individually cut fabric pieces, by size (e.g. left leg, right leg, side panels, top front, top back etc), some of which may go for sublimation printing, some to embroidery and some to silkscreen printing. Once all the pieces are embellished as required, the box of fabric pieces goes back to the sewer who puts them all together (with great care and skill) using specialist threads and sewing techniques to create the finished product.

As soon as all the products ordered in your teamroom are finished, they’re collated, packed up and shipped to Crewroom. And that’s where we carefully check every individual garment against the cut sheets, to make sure the design, embellishments and sizes are what they should be. Finally, we bag each individual order (per customer) before dispatching the collective order to your kit officer for onward distribution.

Depending on products ordered, the whole process from start to finish is typically around 8 weeks, and that's how it's done!

Key Order Dates

To avoid disappointment, we recommend submitting your team orders by the dates detailed below, to ensure delivery for these upcoming events. 

Oxford + Cambridge Bumps: 31st of March
National Schools: 5th of April
Henley Womens Regatta: 25th of April
Henley Royal: 1st of May 
British Championships: 24th of May

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